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Theatre in Lucca

The musical tradition of Lucca is definitely an established and given the many initiatives that reproduce the issues are now fixed appointments of national and international artists.
The history of the masters of classical music, Giacomo Puccini on all, without forgetting to Catalalni, Boccherini and Luporini, other great performers who have provided leadership, have always brought attention to our province in relation to the ability of artistic expression.
On the territory of our province are theatrical environments in which it is grown today the passion that leads to step on the stage and to develop all that surrounds the magnificent art world told, sung, illustrated.
We begin with the Teatro del Giglio of Lucca, which offers a vast calendar of events: Classical, Opera, Literature, meetings with national and international theater companies in a series of events that attract the public for special occasions.
The Teatro di San Girolamo di Lucca is a theater linked to the complex of Teatro del Giglio, but functionally independent. And 'in managing the administration of the Teatro del Giglio. The auditorium contains 174 useful places in the representations of lower number of visitors, but not least of the place, because the restoration project completed in 2002, saw the Church of St. Jerome, long since desecrated, turned into theater complex but It has retained all the original parts of the church.
Puccini Theatre of Alton that it is a hall with a capacity of 298 seats and a structured program. For details, please see the poster.
The Theatre Reassured Monte Carlo, took its name from the Insured (1702), an association for the purpose of staging in the country, with local actors or companies, theatrical. The structure is passed by various hands, and after the last restoration took its current shape. It is a "gem" in which the history is palpable, and where follow one another throughout the course of the year concerts and plays and amateur theater. For more information click on the Program of the Season.
Teatro Comunale "I.Nieri" Moriano Bridge Built in 1930 the property was first used as a cinema. Subsequently, it was made a major renovation that has restored the theater to the entire Serchio valley, providing it with the latest facilities.
Theatre Verzura - Borgo a Mozzano
Teatro Alfieri of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana is definitely the most important nineteenth-century theater of the Serchio valley, and one of the largest in the Province of Lucca.
Theatre of Different - Barga. In 1668 in Barga between the representatives of the most prominent families in the country, it was founded an academy called the indifferent. In 1689 it was built a small theater then appointed in Theatre of Different. Even today, after years also not easy, the programming of the theater is one of the strengths that it is a good presence on the territory of our povincia.
Theatre Valdottavo proposes a story that starts from the first years of the last century for its consolidation in the 2000s Today, the space offers the possibility of doing a workshop and programming of all respect.

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