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The home, the primary asset, the very concept of property living in Lucca.

The care and attention to a resource that has always identified the value and power of a family, sumptuous villas, stately homes, country homes, farms, cottages and all types now available (apartments, townhouses, detached homes court, and so on and so forth) listed in our pages for a complete picture of interest to the Italian and foreign investor, or simply for those who want to stay in Lucca for their summer holidays.


The safeguarding of its assets, an investment well made, the primary need, call it what you want, but the property is always the best reference for those who have cash to invest.

On our territory, thanks to its shape, there are properties of various kinds and with diverse properties.

The special care and attention to property, the interest from the foreign audience for our land, both of stay, both in buying real estate, have denoted in recent years, increasing supply.

Estate and Tourist Facilities have had significant growth aimed at enhancing the housing stock of Lucca.

Public interest in English and German to the Garfagnana, as well as that of the "magnates" Russian Versilia, Lucca are two examples of how it can be combined with an exclusive and indissoluble after estate.

Our history and personalities that have distinguished it, have helped to enhance places of cultural and historical interest today.

Please consult our pages to review and consider a first .... if you ... you own property in Lucca and want to make it visible to make a sale or rental, contact us and we will evaluate together how.

Azienda di Lucca, il tuo partner!
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