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Eating + Italy = Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean cuisine has always been synonymous of quality and enjoys advocates worldwide due to its ability to conjugate taste and healthy nutriment.

The restaurants of our province, Lucca, and of world renowned cities like Viareggio, offer wonderful examples of how catering & restoration can evolve in full respect of the dictates of traditional Tuscan cuisine. All the restaurants of Lucca offer menus comprised of dishes typical of the culture of the city and of the well-known Italian cuisine.

We can certainly say that in the restaurants of Lucca, tradition is greatly respected thanks to the "personality" of the people of this city, who have traditionally been very attentive to the quality of life and to the preservation of historical places and memories. And proof of this is the selection of the raw materials and the care that goes into the preparation of special dishes and meals that embody hints of haute cuisine together with classic recipes handed down by the culinary culture of past generations (our "grandmothers").

In the restaurants of Viareggio and of the Versilia coastal area, we find the features of a life connected to the sea, the territory, the climate, and a culture of fishermen that still today make our coast one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. If you want to dine on delicious fish, choose Viareggio: you will find restaurants ready to please your palate.

The Garfagnana better embodies the features typical of Lucca described above, because the peasant tradition of this area, the consequent sense of belonging to the territory and the local lifestyle, have bestowed on the inhabitants living beyond the Media Valle area the reputation of a hard-working people who cater to tradition. Products from the earth are brought to the table and used in simple recipes that have an undisputed taste.

A cuisine rich in flavor, perfume and color but also a cuisine that reminds one of traditional peasant cooking. Some of the typical and characteristic products available are the different types of flour, among which flour made from chestnuts, used to make the famous "castagnaccio" cake, and the "necci" (flat chestnut flour pancakes); the mushrooms, which -- thanks to the large wooded areas present in Garfagnana and to the appropriate climate -- have always constituted one of the delicacies of our tables; spelt, an unknown product in the past, today it is consistently more present on Italian tables thanks to its rich fiber content and nutritious features.

Care and attention for the territory, the crops and also in livestock breeding, yield typical, prized products: wines, oil, meats, cheeses.

The quality of eating in Lucca perfectly espouses the dictates of the new philosophy of life personified under the "Slow Food" brand, from which the chefs of restaurants in Lucca and Viareggio often draw their inspiration to give life to dishes where taste and quality mix in the mouth-watering experience of diners.

And even in our territory, economic development and "globalization" have yielded examples of the different ways of conceiving cuisine. The birth of ethnic restaurants, both in Lucca and in Viareggio, allow getting acquainted with new horizons of taste, together with historic restaurants that receive the best reviews by the most famous dining & restaurant guides such as the Gambero Rosso.

We invite you to try our selection of restaurants in Lucca and Viareggio and offer you the opportunity to contact them to reserve a table and enjoy the specialties of our culinary tradition.

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