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Lucca and its territory ...

Lucca is an island "happy" for a number of different reasons: its history, its location, its climate, its morphology, its quiet and many took the opportunity to appreciate its peculiar and decided to settle here.

The area offers several opportunities for those who have natural interest, sports, cultural, because Lucca was and is a reality takes many forms:

  • small town, where life passes quietly
  • city of culture and history, it reminiscent of the past era where Pauline Bonaparte, Napoleon resided in Lucca
  • Republic of Lucca, in remote epoch renowned and respected for its commercial power
  • city rich and opulent, its record of economic power to denote an aristocratic character of high rank
  • reserved and conservative city, renowned its confidentiality and its tradition in preserving its treasures
  • birthplace of illustrious names in the music view for miles (Giacomo Puccini, Luigi Boccherini, Gaetano Luporini, Alfredo Catalani), and in other fields as the architect Lorenzo Nottolini, waterworks homonymous father, the painter Pompeo Batoni, the leader Castruccio Castracani, the Inventors Barsanti and Matteucci, the sculptor Matthew Civitali, Vallisneri researcher, writer and poet Mario Tobino, not to mention Santa Zita and Santa Gemma.
    In Lucca is a tourist area that allows various excursions in the plains, hills, mountains or the sea, so the bid for the apparent large and differentiated at all for those with multiple interests.

    The richness of the territory is also linked to its location, its nature, the presence of many woods and waterways, which denote an ideal climate for farming and the cultivation of vines or the production of oil, farro, mushrooms, cheese, sausage ...

    Our intention is to present the different opportunities for those interested in spending a period of relaxation in Lucca:

Lucca, a jewel of an Italy laboratories where reliability and serenity are always elements of strength and continuity.

The institutions are attentive and present initiatives for land conservation, such as:

Panther Bike - The Roads of Pantera - routes for cycling enthusiasts of the holidays on two wheels

Bridges in Time - The culture, art, traditions, the magic of their enchanting place, crossing the bridges

Network of Taste - The Lucchese basket of typical products and traditional local

Azienda di Lucca, il tuo partner!
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