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Pizza Lucca

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Pizza, now a brand in the world. It is one of Italian products, which boasts the largest number of imitations and variations.


Pizza Lucca are many and each one offers its own specialties.


Pizza Lucca run by entrepreneurs who have always worked in the restaurant and still operate continuously in the sign of tradition.


Pizzerie whose history and whose names are now linked to the city of Lucca, which also reflects a different understanding of pizza than how it is done in Naples.


The pizzerie Lucca offer a product from the dough thin and crispy, while in Naples, the pasta is more high and softer.
Typical also the way we sell a "etti" pizza, and Lucca are several rooms in which you enter to consume 2-3 etti of pizza and a glass of white foam, all'Arancio or cedar.


In many, Lucca, as elsewhere in Italy and worldwide, have created variants trying the pairing of unlikely, but the queen to excellence remains the "pizza margherita" created in 1889 in honor of Queen Margherita of Savoy from pizza Raffaele Esposito that the white mozzarella, red tomato and green basil was the colors of the new tricolor flag.


Pizza since its first appearance, has attracted the most interest and admiration for its simplicity of preparation and for his goodness.
Product not as low calorie, especially if the "seasoning" is produced, is considered a single dish that goes well with a cold drink.


Lucca offers many residents and tourists a good number of local pizzerias and many suggest, even for lunch, the "product" pizza.


A Lucca, some foreign investors have opened or taken over management of local restaurants, and supply of their local products such as kebabs, is flanked by pizza that is identified as a possible source of reference and therefore income.


Pizza Lucca, a combination that offers a unique outcome determined by taste and culture, come and visit our city and you will understand how we make our pizza.

Azienda di Lucca, il tuo partner!
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