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Internet and the sale of property in Lucca.

Even in a time of difficulty for the real estate market, the Web continues to be a reference point for those seeking a property for sale but also for real estate agencies in Lucca portals that use an exponential multiplication of contacts.
Requests received via the web in 2008 increased by 30%, a significant trend that highlights the growing centrality of the web in real estate for sale homes.

The channel most effervescent in the field of communication and information of the sale of property is without a doubt, Internet portals and its real estate. A great phenomenon in which growth is attracting a large number of estate agents. But do not worry, the Internet will always be only one tool in the service of real estate agencies and professionals as the case may not be sold online but visited and checked.


As the housing market evolves
Today more than ever it is necessary to sell real estate quality, offering clear and precise, thus gaining confidence by the consumer. The real estate agencies that win and then conclude business are those who can provide expertise and professionalism.
The historic centers of Rome, Milan, Venice, Turin, Bologna and Genoa are those who have suffered the least decline in prices while cities such as Padua, Palermo, Rimini, Brescia, La Spezia, Pescara e Rovigo recorded decreases of 20% average price charged. Keep up the tourist resorts and cities of art in Florence in the lead, followed by Venice and Rome and those areas of strong attraction for foreigners, with particular reference to Russian customers, such as the Cinque Terre in Liguria, Tuscany Grosseto, Lucca and Arezzo requested in addition to the northern lakes.


Fruitful exchange of business between Real Estate Agents
Last year the XI National Congress of the Russian real estate (Moscow, 15-19 June 2008) has formalized a Memorandum of Understanding between the 'ANAM (National Association of Agents and Mediators of Business) and' Association of Estate Agents Russians (the most important at national level) that is called RGR (The Russian Guild of REALTORS ®). Ignite the hopes of our operators, the agreement aims to raise awareness of our immense, appreciated, real estate in one of the most beautiful in the world with a view to concluding bargains on both sides.

The Italian Russian Association (IRA) is the novelty of the moment: a panel of real estate offerings in honor of selling to meet demand from Russia.
The I. R.A. born with the intent to manage the phenomenon of Russia in Italy, long the most striking players in real estate transactions, as is the case in recent years in the province of Lucca. Tuscany is a region rich in history, culture and beautiful buildings that attract the interest of Russian tycoons. Castles, palaces, medieval villages, but also hotels, farms, farmhouses and villas for sale in Italy, Lucca and Tuscany are "under attack" Russian investors.

Thus our service, Luccaonline puts on display the most luxurious properties, objects of value, prestige villas for sale in the province of Lucca. Through their translation into Russian, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese and other languages, the visibility is ensured at the international level and the portal provides big number of contacts from around the world.


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