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Create your itinerary

Creating your itinerary is very simple: When you are inside one of the files of your interest you can drag the picture into the space dedicated to the itineraries or you can click on the button:  

Configuratore di itinerario turistico 


To cancel a single element click on the relative picture in the space "itinerary" and select the delete button.

To view the file relative to one of the selected pictures click on the picture in the space "itinerary" and select the show button.



Once an itinerary is created, you can see the various points of interest including a map on which they are indicated selecting View your itinerary.  

To print your itinerary including the map with the selected dimensions:

1) click on :

configuratore di itinerario 

2) Zoom on the map until you reach the requested dimensions.

3) click again on:

configuratore di itinerario



To save and share your itinerary with other users:  


1) Go to the space View your itinerary 

3) click on the button:


5) effect Login


4) Insert name and description of your itinerary.

5) Save and your itinerary will be published in the space Published routes  





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