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Comes the new portal dedicated to online gift


Comes the new portal dedicated to online gift

The network offers continuously new business opportunities and the beginning of 2015 brings with it the publication of the new portal for the management of coupons and discounts


In the years that have spread online sites like groupon or Groupalia all turned and focused on discount, but severely penalizes both the proponent that the user, because having to offer discounted packages to the end user and having to pay the commission to the channel, greatly reduces the 'opportunity to benefit from a package with quality features in line with the expectations of the user, thus generating dissatisfaction with this kind of solutions.

The proposal instead is made from Iomaggi, takes a step back compared to these modes of operation, leaving ample freedom to structure bidder deciding on the kind of homage to promote and consequently leaves ample room to define the limits and conditions.

This then generates the structures for proponents, the possibility of:

  • acquiring visibility of their business proposals
  • manage them according to their own parameters, without interference of third parties
  • know the user directly concerned with the promotion
  • directly define the economic conditions

While the end user that downloads from the site the coupons that interest is given the opportunity to:

  • manage direct contact with the property agent, for greater transparency
  • define how the usability of coupons
  • be certain of what you will get


See this movie, explaining the proposed

The ease of management thus offers new opportunities and we believe that technology tools should bring this to facilitate the matching of supply and demand.


As you will see by browsing the site, coupons are slowly growing, there are already proposals for companies operating in Rome and Milan, and soon we are convinced that even some structures of our city will not lose the opportunity to break into this portal this because Iomaggi offers opportnuità structures who register for the first time to try the system by offering a first package of 5 free coupons that can be used against 5 new customers interested in their promotions.


We invite you to visit we are sure that you will not lose the opportunity to try to benefit from the discounts available for your new experiences.

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